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Japan Basketball Hall of Fame Inductees



Omori, Hyozo


Category:Extraordinary Contributor to Basketball

He was the first person to introduce the main foundations of the game of basketball (court dimensions, setting up of the backboard, 2-points for field goals, 1-point for a free throw, and having 5 players on the court) in Japan.

Courtesy of Springfield College

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Yi, Sang-baek


Category:Extraordinary Contributor to Basketball

He is merited for extraordinary work in the founding of the Great Japan Basketball Association in 1930 and was a pillar of the organization. In 1930, his coaching book, " Coaching basketball theory and practicality" was published and Sohaku Lee's theory spread throughout Japan. From 1978 until the present, 'The Yi Sang-baek Cup Japan-Korea College Basketball Classic' is held annually, pitting Japan and Korea's select team. 

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