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About the Japan Basketball Hall of Fame

Purpose of Establishment


Since Dr.James Naismith founded the game of basketball on a cold winter day at the International YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts in the United States in December 1891, basketball has now grown to become a global sport. 

Our nation accepted the Japan YMCA Alliance's Physical Education Chief's request in 1913 to welcome Franklin H. Brown from the United States; and as result, led to the growth of basketball domestically. Today, the game of basketball has an enormous number of participants domestically, and we are carried on the backs of the referees, players, coaches, and other individuals that accomplished many extraordinary feats; and even more, gave their hearts and souls for the growth of the game. 

However, at the current moment, there is no structure in place to honor our predecessors, display historical artifacts, nor provide an avenue for people to dream when reflecting on the game in Japan. When considering the current state of affairs in Japan's basketball landscape, it is clear that a Japan Basketball Hall of Fame is indeed necessary. 

With the establishment of the Japan Basketball Hall of Fame, the Hall of Fame can serve as a place of refuge for the spirit of basketball, provide a place for basketball enthusiasts to dream and aspire, and contribute to further growth of basketball. It is thought that there have been conversations about the establishment of a Japan Japan Basketball Hall of Fame at all levels. Unfortunately, there have never been any detailed movements for manifestation until today. Under these circumstances, it is imperative to have each individual possess a strong consciousness, and it is our hope that every participant proactively "contribute to the game of basketball in Japan". By doing so, The Japan Basketball Hall of Fame will become fertile ground for the growth of the game; thus being a place of merit. In order to establish an institution for further growth of Japan Basketball, we ask for the cooperation of many volunteers, transcending all organizational barriers.


The Japan Basketball Hall of Fame's mission is to honor and award referees, players, coaches, and/or individuals that have provided extraordinary contributions to the significant growth of basketball in Japan. 


​The Hall of Fame is organized and governed by the Office, Induction Committee, and Voting Members. 


Hall of Fame Office


Management and operation of the Hall of Fame.

Selection of committee members and Inductee selection members.

​Not eligible for Hall of Fame induction during their lifetimes.

Creation of Nominee List

​*Not eligible for Hall of Fame induction until 5 years have passed after leaving the committee. 

Selection Members

Vote on individuals on the nominee list. 

Have experience as a journalist of the game of basketball; while also possessing three years or more of experience as a sports journalist.

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