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Japan Basketball Hall of Fame Committee

Role of the Hall of Fame Committee

  • Committee members shall create a list of nominees.

Structure of Hall of Fame Committee Members

  • Hall of Fame committee members should not exceed 12 members.

  • Committee members are not eligible for Hall of Fame induction until 5 years have passed after leaving the committee. 

Hall of Fame Committee Members


Yusuke Oikawa

Tokyo Women's Physical Eduation University

Associate Professor・Historical Researcher

Akira Kawai

Musashigaoka Junior College

Associate Professor

Noriko Koiso

Former Olympian/Japan National Team

Hironori Tanigama

Toyo University 

Professor ・Historical Researcher

Shiro Irie

Boei (Japan Defense) University


Mitsuhiko Kato

Seibu Bunri University


Hayato Kawakita

Tokyo Seitoku University


Sumiko Shimosaka

Former Head Coach,

Tokyo Seitoku High School

Makoto Watanabe

Japan Basketball Promotion Association

Chairman of the Board

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